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Colour Analysis

Colour analysis is essential...

I offer colour analysis sessions in London, helping you to select the correct shades, tones, depth and clarity that suit your individual palette, identifying which season you fall into,whether it be spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Colour analysis is essential to see what colours enhance your skin tone and colouring.

I will not only choose the correct colours for your clothes but will also
advise you on what shades and colour of makeup you should be wearing, making your complexion more radiant and bright.

Its easy to get stuck in a rut and wear the same colours all the time, but with my help we will find the exact colours to compliment your skin tone, achieving a more youthful look. At the end of the session you will be feeling more confident and happy and have a better understanding of the colours that work just for you.

Why hire a colour consultant London...

Find out which colours make you look great - and which colours you should avoid. When it comes to clothes and accessories, different colours suit different people. I can help you identify the colours that suit your natural skin tone, eye and hair colour, and your personality. I offer
sessions specialising in colour consultation London wide - I can come to your home, and tailor you your very own personal colour analysis to your needs. You can benefit from any one particular or all of my personal stylist services.

what colour analysis is all about? In our session I will use colour swatches to find the colours that suit you best. When you are out and about, living your life in a busy city like London, you want your natural vitality, personality and confidence to shine through, so hiring a colour stylist in London to maximise your enjoyment of clothes and accessories makes sense. Therefore I offer a full colour analysis session to assist you and guide you with this in mind. I can also suggest the best colours to wear for particular events or situations, such as public speaking, job interviews or weddings.

Colour really can make a difference. One person will suit a bold red dress and will look washed out in a pale peach one. Another person will be the opposite - they will look great in paler colours, but not so good in bold ones. I
am a trained colour consultant London, and ready to book a colour analysis appointment with you when you are!

I will provide you with a colour sample wallet for you to reflect on when out shopping. You can also book
a personal shopper experience with me!

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