Fashion consultant, personal shopper & wardrobe stylist in London

Wardrobe Analysis

Let me help you make positive changes...

Are you always searching for something to wear?

Do you
spend ages trying to find that pair of trousers or a top for work?

Does it seem like you can never find anything you want?

I can help you with all that!

I can help you streamline and revamp your collection of clothes. As
a wardrobe consultant London, it's my job to help you to really make the most of what you have, so that you can feel good about what you wear out and about in your city life every day. I will reassess your wardrobe giving it a complete detox. Organising, de-cluttering and transforming it into a perfect capsule wardrobe.

I want to help you look your best, using
my skills, talents and experience as a wardrobe stylist in London. I will also provide you with suitable storage solutions for your bags,boots, shoes and clothes.

No more wasted time in the mornings looking for something to wear, everything will have its own place so you will always be able to find exactly want you need.

Why hire a wardrobe stylist London...

Perhaps you spend too much time in the mornings trying to decide what to wear, or have clothes in your wardrobe you'd like to wear but never do?
Is your closet cluttered with items that don't ever make it outside your bedroom? You may not know exactly what a wardrobe stylist is, but you probably have a good idea what a session of wardrobe analysis could do for your closet, and are ready to make an important change.

Together we'll look at which outfits are working for you, how we could make new combinations you hadn't thought of, which items should be let go of, and where there might be gaps. You will find that
an expert wardrobe stylist London can make it rewarding and fun, and get you ready for confident work or play time in the capital. I think you will be very pleased with the results.

I cover the entire capital,
offering my services as a wardrobe consultant London wide, and can come to your home anywhere in the city. Wardrobe analysis can be booked on it's own, or it can be part of a full consultation package which I offer. This covers a range of services, including a colour analysis session and a rewarding personal shopping trip.

(At the end of the session I will take all your unwanted clothes away for you, leaving you with beautifully neat and organised wardrobes and cupboards).

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